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A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into.  ~  Ansel Adams

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Links (Reference/Educational)

Mt. Kin. - Denali National Park - Alaska
Mount McKinley - Denali National Park - AK


Bob's Tips (one page tips sheets on various areas of Photography)
  Basic Elements of Photography
Basic Photography (Bob Spalding)
Battery Guidelines
Beyond the Lens: Best Photography Resource for Professionals
Birds (all you need to know)
Composition (Bob Spalding
Commercial Sites
PHLearn - Training
Development Of the Modern Camera (Bob Spalding)
Camera Care

 Cleaning the Viewfinder

 Digital Camera Care

 General Camera Care

 How to Clean Your Camera
   More suggestions on Equipment Maintenance
Digital Photography
Digital Camera World
Drone Photography (Dronegenuity)
Famous Photographers  (Bob Spalding)
Filters  (John Bryant)
Filters Lens Chart (John Bryant)
Flickr (Bob Spalding)
History of Photography and the Camera
History (Early) of Photography (Bob Spalding)
How to Photograph Fall Landscapes (Bob Spalding)
Landscape Photography (Bob Spalding)
Landscape Photography (very detailed)
Megapixels and Print Size
Matt Kloskowski Photography (super instructor)
Night Photography - Stars & Milky Way
Outdoor Photography Magazine
Outdoor  Hiking Guide (Jack Nguyen)
Panorama Photography (How To - Ppt) - Bob Spalding
Perspective in Photography - Bob Spalding
Picasa (General Information)
Picasa - Backup
Picasa - Basic (v.2.0)
Picasa - Intermediate (v.2.0)
Photo Pills  (Bob Spalding)
Photography - Ten Tips
Photographic film: How it works (Bob Spalding)

Photography Links Directory

Photography Over Time
Photography Schools & Programs

Photography Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Point and Shoot vs dSRL
Preparing for a Photo Shoot (Bob Spalding)
Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet
The Ultimate Beginnerís Guide to Photography
Travel Photography for Hobbyists and Professionals
Ultimate Guide to Travel Photography


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