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Photo Pills


PhotoPills is your photography planning app. It helps you PLAN your photos ahead of time… So you’re always at the right place at the right time to capture the best photo possible. Brenda Petrella has put together a series of super YouTube series of videos on all aspects of Photo Pills

Brenda is a Vermont-based landscape photographer and the founder of Outdoor Photography School and the host of the Outdoor Photography Podcast. Her successful tutorial YouTube channel recently surpassed 29,000 subscribers, and her videos have been recommended by Imaging-Resource, Shutterbug, Photography Talk, Capture Landscapes, Picture Correct, and others.

YouTube Videos


 1.   Getting Started  How to Find and Plan a Milky Way Shots with PhotoPills 
 2.   Understanding the Planner   Introduction to Photo Pills
 3.   Moon Map Layers - How they work  Photo Pills a Photographer's Guide
 4.    Decoding Moon + Sun Icons  PhotoPills" The Photographer's Swiss Army Knife
 5.    Learn How to Plan a Moon Image  Plan Your Astrophotography Shots
 6.    Use the Field View (FOV) Map Tool  
 7.    Finding the Best Depth of Field (DOF)
 8.    How to use the Sun/Map Tool
 9.    Find how Light will hit your Subject
 10.  How to Save your Favorite Photo Spots
 11.  What do the Planner and Icons Mean
 12.  Does PhotoPills Work Offline
 13. How to Use and Calibrate the Augmented Reality
 14.  How to Use the Meteor Shower Pill
 15.  How to Import a Shared Plan or Point of Interest
 16.  Master the Red and Black Pins
 17.  Will the Mountains Block the Light on My Subject
 18.  Find Sun - Moon Rise + Set Times
 19.  Easily Pan a Sun or Moon Image Over a Mountain
 20.  How to Plan a Milky Way Image
 21.  How to Plan a Moonlit Milky Way Image



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