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Drop Box


  • Dropbox works the way you do.  Get to your files from anywhere, on any device and share them with anyone.

  • Save any kind of file into Dropbox, from photos, videos, music, any kind of Microsoft or Adobe files.

  • Sync files across all your devices, whether you use a PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone or Windows Phone.

  • Your files are available on your computer even when you are offline, so you can work from anywhere.

  • Click here to install Dropbox

    • You will need Windows Vista or higher

    • For a Mac, go to Google and search for DropBox for Mac

    • Once downloaded, you will see DropBoxInstaller.exe in the left bottom of your screen

    • Click on that file

      • Follow the prompts to download and install - it will take several minutes unless you have a slow computer, then it could take longer.

      • Once installed give it a minute or two and the Dropbox dialog box will appear

      • Click on Sign Up (lower left)

      • Dropbox will send you an email confirming using Dropbox, follow its prompts.

    • Once you have Dropbox up and running send the person who has files to share,  an email and they will add you to their list

      • Then any files that they want you to have, they will send them to you via Dropbox

      • You will receive an email.  Double click on the link and Dropbox will open

        • NOTE:  If the file has an extension "exe", you will not be able to open it

        • Just download it to your computer and open it from there.

        • Depending on how big the file and how fast your computer is, will determine the download speed.

    • Additional Information:


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