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Ramsey Falls

Human's are naturally drawn to water.  It is one of our most basic survival instincts.  Not only do we love the sight of water, but we love the sound of water falling against rocks, and we love the feeling of cold water on a hot day.

Waterfalls are commonly formed in the upper course of a river in steep mountains. Because of their landscape position, many waterfalls occur over bedrock fed by little contributing area, so may be ephemeral and flow only during rainstorms or significant snowmelt.

The further downstream, the more perennial a waterfall can be. Waterfalls can have a wide range of widths and depths, and this diversity is part of what makes them such a charismatic and interesting natural phenomenon.

Note:  When you select a specific waterfall below, it will take you to a general write up about photographing the falls as well as directions to the falls.  For a photo gallery of the specific falls, click More Photos, under the picture.

South Carolina North Carolina
  - Brasstown Falls
  - Cedar Falls
  - Bull Sluice
  - Issaqueena Falls
  - Kings Creek Falls
  - Last Falls on Slickum
  - Laurel Fork Falls (Jocassee)
  - Long Creek Shoals
  - Lower Whitewater Falls
  - Pigpen and Licklog Falls
  - Pleasant Ridge Falls
  - Ramsey Falls
  - Reedy Branch Falls
  - Spoonauger Falls
  - Station Cove Falls
  - Sweet Thing Falls
  - Twin Falls (Eastatoe Falls)
  - Waldrop Stone Falls
  - Whitewater Falls (Lower)
  - Wildcat Branch Falls
  - Bridal Falls
  - Cathedral Falls
  - Cullasaja Falls
  - Dry Falls
  - Dugger Creek Falls
  - Eastatoe Falls (No longer
                available - New ownership)
  - French Broad Falls
  - High Falls
  - Hooker Falls
  - Laurel Creek Falls
  - Linville Falls
  - Living Waters
  - Looking Glass Falls
  - Mill Shoals
  - Moore Cove Falls
  - Pearson Falls
  - Quarry Falls (Bust Your Butt Falls)
  - Triple Falls
  - Whitewater Falls (Upper)

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