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General 4-H/Youth Photography Project

Photo of Teen taking a picture


The photography project is designed to help 4-H’ers:

  • Develop a greater visual awareness of their world.
  • Experiment with a new skill that could grow into a career or an enjoyable
  • Develop leadership and citizenship skills as effective communicators.

The photography project is divided into different units.

Unit I - 4-H Focus on Photography - Level 1
- (purchase)

Description: Youth will focus on equip. basics, taking pictures, concept of lighting & flash. 80 pages. Full color.

Unit II - 4-H Controlling the Image - Level 2 - (purchase)

DescriptionYouth will explore depth of field, aperture and shutter speeds, hard and soft lighting, silos and flash techniques. 80 pages. Full Color 4-H Photography level 2.

Unit III - 4-H Mastering Photography - Level 3 - (purchase)

DescriptionYouth will gain insight on the use of wide-angle and telephoto lenses, filters and special film, light meters and shooting photos with different light sources. 80 pages. Full Color.


The opportunities are endless. Projects should center around the interests of the youth and areas in which they would like to explore.

Read through the list below. The opportunities are endless…..

  • Learn about the "Rule of Thirds"
  • Evaluate your photographs
  • Go on a photography scavenger hunt
  • Discover composition
  • Experiment with different mats, frames, or mountings
  • Cut your own mats
  • Learn how your camera operates
  • Research what type of camera you need
  • Learn how to develop film
  • Explore computer enhancement techniques with your pictures
  • Play with different camera tricks
  • Experiment with different camera lenses
  • Use black and white film when taking pictures
  • Explore career opportunities in photography
  • Job shadow a professional photographer
  • Organize a photograph portfolio
  • Help younger members with their photography project
  • Design a photograph organization system
  • Volunteer to take pictures at county 4-H events
  • Take club members on a photography shoot outing
  • Give a presentation on matting and framing
  • Experiment with a disposable camera; try a panoramic one for some fun effects
  • Make a calendar using your own photos
  • Compare different film types
  • Learn how to care for a camera, film and negatives
  • Experiment with different lighting situations
  • Volunteer as a photography judge’s assistant as a county fair
  • Exhibit your work at a county fair
  • Serve as a photography leader in your club
  • Prepare a photo story of your club
  • Plan a photography training workshop
  • Experiment with an adjustable camera
  • Analyze pictures from other photographers
  • Begin a journal that will help you improve your photography skills

Look around your homes, your schools and your communities. There are many people, places/organizations and things that can be your tools in helping you learn. This list is only a start. Let it launch you into thinking about all kinds of new and difference sources for learning.

  • People – newspapers, professional photographer, camera store
  • Places/Organizations – photography clubs, photography project leader, matting & framing store
  • Things – magazines, books, catalogs, internet, encyclopedias

Adapted from Iowa State 4-H Project List

Resources (Free)

Resources (Other)


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