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A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into.  ~  Ansel Adams

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Fact Sheet on Bob Spalding


  Bob is

Event Photographer
  • Examples of some of the Events
    •  Wounded Warrior Weekends       
    •  Mother Son Dances
    •  State 4-H Events


  • Examples of some of the Instruction Done
    • Youth Workshops
    • Adult Workshops
    • Olli Workshops
      • Furman University
      • Clemson University
    • Road Scholar
      • Virginia
      • South Carolina

Photo Shoot Facilitator


Print Media

How I got started:

  • When I started working for the Clemson Cooperative Extension in the early 70s, I needed to get photos in the local newspapers to promote my programs. The four local newspapers told me, if you supply the photos, they would print them (they all did).
  • Since I lived in Pickens County, the same county as Clemson University, I was able to draw on the knowledge of the university photographers
    • They all were eager to help me get started
  • At that time, the only camera that I had was a Nikonos (underwater camera) with no light meter.
    • The university photographers found and gave me an old light meter and I was off and running.
  • I read a lot of magazines and photo books
    • I am basically self taught
    • In a lot of cases  - Trial and Error
  • As time went on, I was able to buy my first real camera  at Canon 35 mm Ftb
    • I found out that with my two cameras (Canon and Nikonos), I was able to shoot both Black and White file as well as color slide film.
    • This lead me to my next phase in photography, developing slideshows.
  • Moving up to the early 90s
    • I bought my first digital Kodak camera
    • I was in the Idaho in 1991 when my film camera advanced level broke and my Kodak camera jammed
    • I ended up buying my first dSRL, a Canon 30D
  • Moving to 2003
    • I retired from the Extension Service
    • Needing something to do, I decided to take my photography to the next level
    • I also decided that photograph all the National Parks 58
      • To date, I have photograph 47 parks
    • I also started going on Photographic Workshops
      • From 2003 to present I have attended workshops in
        • Yellowstone
        • Grand Tetons
        • West Virginia
        • Virginia
        • Monument Valley
        • State of
        • Washington
  • Moving to 2010 and present
    • I got involved in teaching Road Scholar Photography Workshops
    • I also got involved with the Olli (Osher Lifelong Living Institute) at Furman and Clemson Universities
      • I have taken classes and/or workshops
      • I have also taught at both universities

  General Information:

  • My photography interests lie mainly in Nature Photography
    • Landscapes and Wildlife
    • Macro photography
    • Night photography
  • Published Photos
    • Newspapers
    • Books
    • Magazines
    • Professional slide shows
    • Websites
    • Social media

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Bob Spalding
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